DMS in Retail deployments 

Retail Case Study


Let’s take a look at an end user of the P2B system who owns a small business, marketing  a range of clothing in a busy retail area. 

They were finding that a lot of their key records  were getting confused or lost and staying organized was beginning to defeat them. They  had an onsite store manager and offsite they had supporting personnel, accountants, legal  advisors, and the head office of the chain which they represented.

Business Overview

What they wanted to do  was storing some of their key information and have it readily available and accessible to their people.  They went through a process with our Solution Provider to identify the key information they  would need to store (you may wish to work with a Solution Provider or you may already  have a system in place).
Once they had identified the documents to store they set up their  lookups, which are document categories, to reflect the various items they were keeping so  they had accounting data, procedures and training data, and company policies and protocols.  

DMS screenshot
Screen Grab - DMS Document Upload

All this information was added to the system and they gave all their personnel login access to the system, allowing them to login during quiet times and update their product training and their understanding of the company’s systems.  It also allowed them to have their data protected and kept secure so HR records and accounting information are only then visible to personnel with the authority to see them.  In that regards the system is reasonably solid and the permission settings are perfect, so any super user (there is one per business unit) has the ability to achieve that. 

This is a typical dashboard prepared for your DMS Lite implementation.  You can have up to 20 dashboards in place (although most people just have 3 to 5) and these provide some great informational links.
Typical DMS Lite Dashboard
Note - when you click on items on the dash board you are taken
to the information on them. 

A customized dashboard.
Customised Dashboard Set Up by End User
You can add quick links to commonly accessed
information and also can see at a glance the status
of any actions assigned to you (or the organisation)

Set Permissions
Screen Shot - Showing Permissions Set on a Folder -
after following a link from the Dashboard
Note - this restricts viewing of the information to
senior management only

Their usage of the system continues and it’s interesting to note that their business only has about 150 megabytes in key documentation. It just goes to show that Hard drives become massive and your online file storage can also become quite large when you are just dumping files there, but when you control your documents, you end up with just what you need controlled and better access to the information contained in it.

View of the Document Information - with information on the linked actions showing in the links panel on the right hand side of the view
Typical Document View - Showing Linked Actions in the 
Right Hand (Links Panel)
Note - you can double click an action to gather more
information about it.

The company are also using the action tracking effectively as well - and they are now making sure that they have all the training dates, renewal of insurance certificate and other key requirements tracked and managed throughout the system so, it helps to reduce their exposure to those types of losses when you tend to get less organized. DMS Lite – meeting their needs.

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