DMS in Human resources or recruitment  

DMS Plus - Employment Placement Agency

This case study demonstrates how the combination of corporate dashboards, CMS, DMS pages and actions and controls is providing a solid base for an HR/Employment Placement Agency to communicate with their personnel in a formal manner, and that records of who has accessed the records of policies and procedures are also kept and available to corporate legal users. While this Agency is using DMS Plus, it also has a few customized elements added to it. 

In this case study, the Dashboards provide information on the planning and coordination of the organization so that disparate officers can be kept informed of what’s happening broadly across the business. There are also important informational policies and procedures frameworks in place, and key document control activities are flagged using the action tracking system, in which reminders of expiring documents are sent through to the various document owners. As the agency is using a developing system, they have started tracking the key actions that are flowing out of the various meetings that are being held and these are then provided to the end users. 

This dashboard shows some general information on the business and provides quick access to key items of information for the business
Login Dashboard - Business Information and Access to Documentation

This is the alternate dashboard (you can have up to 20) which shows the links to the various documents created within the P2B CMS (Content Management System)
Dashboard - Showing the quick links to all of the various documents 
created within the CMS for the business

A CMS page with links to other documents
Sample Document - Presented as CMS Page with quick links
to other business information stored on the system

These then create escalating actions that ultimately inform the board if key activities are not occurring. By using the CMS as a document storage facility, the agency has the use of a controlled system that provides on screen viewable information beyond just the metadata that’s available with the document management system. This is quite handy for documents where only a short amount of text is intended for use and a limited amount of external supporting information is being relied upon. This organization is using a combination of CMS and DMS pages to achieve their ends.

Internal messaging system
Internal Messages - Sending links to version controlled
documents / information to other business users / stakeholders

The DMS Folder Tree
DMS Folder Tree - for Storing Electronic
Data and Information
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