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Samantha Wentzel - Friday, February 04, 2011
Everyone knows about business in one form or other, everyone has their own personal style of business, whether they have learned how from mentors and adapted that knowledge to suit there needs, or developed a whole new strategy themselves. 

In many ways, business ethics, policies and standards follow guidelines to keep these personal styles on the right track, making sure that your company works within the confines of "good business practices". Each of these policies and standards come with mounds of paperwork, documents that outline guidelines, documents that outline policies, company actions, business plans etc. In actual fact, for every conceivable aspect of business, I can promise you that there is a document showing you how to do it, what to do with it, and the best way to benefit from it. Overwhelming right?

If you're new to business, whether you're aiming to keep it a small family run business, or you have dreams of turning it into a massive multinational corporation,  you're going to end up with pile upon pile of documents. So what do you do with them? 

Put them in a file, scan them and add them to a file server, or as a few might even say, "put it on my desk, I will file it later"..... All this does is ensure that the document is never read again, or is lost when a PC or laptop ends up with a nasty virus, or the server finally decides that this is the end of its road and refuses to work again. It's happened before, you have to admit it. So the question is brought up again, what do you do?  

Become paranoid and never trust a server, PC or laptop again? Make so many backups of a document that your server literally groans at the thought of another document? It might ease your mind slightly, but it won't help you much. You can look to the latest trends, online file sharing, cloud based systems, online document management systems, even that list is endless, and will often have you confused faster than you could read through the document you're trying to store. 

Complicated? It can be, but we have done extensive research into document management systems and believe there is always a solution. No matter what type of business you own. You could even call us the superheroes that save the day, because we believe that a dms should work for you. Our research findings are displayed here in our research gateway, compiled to show you the facts, without any sugar coating. Take a look. Each of the dms disc boxes have specific cases studies suited to each application, and we will have videos to go with these pretty soon as well. 

A document management system, in our opinion, should live up to the title of this article, no fuss, no complications, just business, because a dms should leave you with the piece of mind to know that you can focus on your business and not worry about where your documents are.  

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