DMS in a Legal CRM deployment 

A Legal Consultancy CRM Case study using DMS Ultimate.

This organisation has taken the power of process mapping and form building in DMS Ultimate and made it function in a manner that suits their needs. These build on the powerful Document and Content Management systems that combine with action tracking to make their deployment work well for their business.

This screen shot shows the form builder with a new form being created.  You can drag a range of field types onto the central panel to create an impressive array of forms - that can link, automatically, to other objects and data in the system.
Above: The Form Builder

This organisation has deployed the form builder by using a number of templates in which the forms are completed by their lawyers and paralegals. This helps them track their linkage with their clients by using the completed forms to act as top level objects that they can then connect to either the actions - if, for example they have made contact at a conference with a number of individuals - and what they can then decide what the next follow up stages are and also link to processes. 

Business management process mapping
Above: Process Mapping

The beauty of being able to link to a process map means your business activities are more codified and rigorous, so you would open a new process, select the first task, create a new workflow, and once you open up your process map, it runs through identifying additional actions. This process can even run inside Microsoft Project to generate a full blown chart for your projects, which you could do on more involved workflows. 

The way the legal firm is using the process mapping, is to generate a set of actions and those actions are then tracked and managed using the internal escalation system of actions and controls modules. It's a really powerful tool for them on their CRM front. 

Have a look at our cases studies as well. This legal consultancy is using DMS Ultimate for their document management, storing a range of sensitive and non sensitive documents, depending on end user information requirements and they are putting those as either cloud hosted, or using it so that they are securely linked back to end user client servers. 

This can lead to a few issues for the legal branch, but their users are very happy to see that their protection is being achieved with documents on their own servers. 

The organisation is developing an information rich system, they have also created logins for clients, who can then log in and check on the status of their cases. After logging in, they will see a round of information on where their data is, and the organisation is using it quite effectively for transferring information using information requests. A lawyer or paralegal would approach their clients for documentation via the system's internal messaging system, and the messages are returned inside the system, so an email client is not needed, and only the secure links are passing through the system so it becomes an added level of security for this process. 

Feel free to have a look at the short videos that are shown here, as they will give you a little more information but, in a nutshell, the organisation is tracking the status of their cases, generating their weekly and monthly reports, and the business is achieving great outcomes as a whole due to the use of the P2B Portal suite of documents management software, DMS Ultimate. 

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