DMS Lite.

DMS Lite - Accounting firm case study.

Another business management example for DMS Lite is that of a small accounting firm. They have six accountants working in their office and are largely doing accounting compliance work for a range of clients. 

What they were able to do, and it really impressed their clients, was set up document management systems and folders with permissions applied for all their clients. 
Working with a Solution Provider they had set up a system of generating corporate dashboards for each and every one of their operations, which has worked out to be a real bonus for them. 

They have their logins for their highly valued clients, and these clients can then see all their information and can upload or transfer some of their documentation, so they would upload their files and then send an internal message with a link to the controlled document to the accountant or case worker for their small business. 

They are using the system in a fairly sophisticated way, and achieving some really good results. They are about to upgrade to DMS Ultimate because they are finding the document management system so useful. 
What they are planning to do next is to have workflows attached to each of their cases as a document is uploaded by a client, they can track it forward. 

DMS Lite Dashboard

At the moment, on DMS Lite, they are uploading their information, tracking it with various actions around, setting up key dates to achieve compliance and even raising actions for their accounting end users so that their clients are then given a reminder from the system to upload their quarter’s activity statement information along with a range of other data and they are finding it a powerful application for everything they are doing. 

Customer documents are uploaded to the customer areas, their internal policies and procedures are all available there and are all accomplished through neat pages. 

What they are hoping to do after they upgrade is to use process mapping to improve the graphics for their documents. Documents loaded, information stored, versions controlled, actions linked to those documents and a significant improvement in the efficiency including information not being lost, clients not feeling disenfranchised, and it’s also a good tool to link to and manage those end users and other third party stakeholders who need access to see the information. 

Once again you see DMS Lite meeting the needs of organizations and P2B was the best solution for the organization.

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