DMS In Import / Export 

Case Study of an Import / Export Business using DMS Ultimate.

One of the key features of an import / export business, is the requirement for common information to be held and accessed globally, and for the organisation's personnel to be able to receive real time updates on the status of their orders, client requirements etc. Our DMS Ultimate range of  document management solutions has proved quite effective for smaller import / export organisations dealing in a fairly unique product line.

What this organisation has been able to do is utilize the CRM (customer relations management), using forms as a management, as well as adding a couple of additional forms relating to the buy request and sell request from their clients, all of which are visible as on the organisation's various dashboards. 

The DMS Dashboard
Above: The Dashboard.

The organisation has been working with a Solution Provider and although in many ways it may seem like a customized solution, the organisation is, in fact, using DMS Ultimate functionality. If you, as a researcher and potential P2B client, wish to utilize an identical document management system, we will set up a similar system for you, at a cost effective price, in conjunction with our solution providers to ensure that you have that global reach in marketing. 

The main way  that this organisation has set things up, is to have their dashboard visible to their personnel, so that no matter where they login from, they will receive an update on their actions. Actions are raised against a range of items either customer driven or system or process driven, so there will be requirements for very rigorous quality and customs requirements that need to be conformed to on a regular basis. 

In fact, this organisation has also set up a login for the customs organisations from a number of countries and this gives them the ability to order the flow of information so its reasonably siloed in terms of what they can see, even though they don't have any "create and modify" privelages, they have the ability to check out the status of orders and to check out actions arising as a result of the various physical inspections that they conduct on this organisation's facilities. 

DMS Ultimate is proving to be a really powerful way to demonstrate to external stakeholders just how in control of their business they really are. 

The content management system
Above: The CMS

In a nutshell, they are using the DMS module for storing their policy information, they are using the CMS module to share company wide information and keep their clients and personnel updated. They are using the Form Builder to act as the CRM for their system and they are using process mapping to generate workflows for key activities occurring within their business. 
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