DMS In a medical deployment 

A Medical Practice case study using DMS Plus.

Another interesting deployment of DMS Plus has been within a medical practice. What this organisation has managed to do with this document management system, is provide a standard corporate dashboard environment for all their patients and a more rigorous dashboard for their staff and medical personnel. All their client records are stored as handles on the system and where permission has been granted, they're stored on the cloud, where permission is being declined, they remain as a link on the practice's own server. 

The Document management system
Above: The document management system

The security of the data storage is a critical consideration for the group and the eleven concurrent copies offered by P2B was a key selling point for them. This ensures that key activities and events are being tracked and recorded so, if the treating medical professional is working on a client's record at the time of the consultation, he would typically raise one or more action for follow up, either for the patient to confirm that they have obtained the necessary specialist appointments or blood tests etc. and to other practice members for subsequent follow up, e.g. confirm contact for daily checks. 

The organisation is also discussing the possibility of being able to enable SMS services for their clients, with our solution provider, and this is in the final stages of negotiation, but it should be a feature that will be available to other P2B clients once the system has been developed and ready for deployment. 

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Another use of the document management system is for patients to be able to check out their own status by allowing them to log in to the system where their actions are shown as both a bar and pie chart, allows them to see if they have done all they committed to and this has become a great wellness tool for the practice clientele.

Client Dashboard
Client Dashboard - Showing Action Status

Document management actions and controls
Above: Actions and controls - Responsible View

The practice is ultimately linking the data records to the national dataset, an initiative that has been considered in the practice's country where the government will maintain centralized secured records of all patients' information. The patient will be able to click on a link to their record from the document handle and then see their securely stored information available through that process. 

These are pretty exciting developments all around for the DMS product line as a peripheral to the way it is being developed. 

Although the DMS Plus deployment for this practice was extremely effective, they are considering moving up to DMS Ultimate for a little more functionality and the ability to set up workflows.

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