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Clients are the backbone of any portal system, and the P2B approach involves engaging with Solution Provider partners to provide for two product stream for our clients.
The first "stream" is the reselling of customised P2B solutions by these groups.  The Solution Provider Partners use the system with their subsequent clients, such as engineering consultancies, accounting firms, etc. and provide additional value by extending the functionality of dashboards and inputting their own expertise into the content and arrangement of the information in the end user's system.

The second "stream" is direct purchase by end users of one of the monthly subscription products.  With these direct end users rely on the system to be a robust information control system - and they use the system in its standard format.  Most find this more than useful for their business - although quite a number go on to work with or even become Solution Providers, as they become more sophisticated users of the P2B Portal system.

The model is as seen in this image.
Model of the P2B product delivery process
P2B Product Delivery Model

What are the benefits in becoming a client?

There is a lot of information to be had in the case studies. Becoming a client is all about a desire to improve the way you do what you do, getting more out of the information you're collecting and managing, and making sure that you don't get caught in not doing what you have committed to do. 

Key points are information storage, information linkages, and actions that ensure that key tasks are completed and evidence of the completion is gathered and stored. 

How do I become a client? 

That's one of the easiest steps. You can either contact one of our key Solution Providers or you can sign up directly for DMS Lite, DMS Plus or DMS Ultimate.

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