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Custom Solution - Product Information

One of the best received customized solutions was set up by one of our Solution Provider Partners by conducting a series of risk assessments, but then rather than producing a round of documents, they produced risk and control charts.  These charts linked to a really powerful ongoing management system of the overarching risk control functions of their business.  Follow this link for this case study.

Case study 2 deals with more of the management plans, but effectively what the Solution Provider and their client did was conduct a series of cascading risk assessments. This is a powerful way to analyse a business, starting at the top level, looking at the business breaking threats, and then down to the individual departments and even down to job and line areas.  These generated a range of incident types that are to be controlled using CMS based Management Plans.

All in all, you can prepare a fairly effective library of risk assessments and other information that are dynamic. They don't form a huge static list of issues, they form and are based on  a series of really effective controls supported by information stored in the DMS, and developed with maintaining actions that help to make sure your controls are in place and remain effective.

You can also generate some pretty cool reports using some of the saved searches.  These can then be extended with excel output of those searches - that using functions and / or macros form a very impressive report of the underlying data held in your P2B business unit.

Some of the screenshots attached here give you an example of how that works, and there is also a video available of the system.

Finally, what our Solution Provider also did was set up an external auditing process, so instead of having the key decision makers in a business rely on annual audit operations, they could get a weekly or monthly report on the status of the controls and effectiveness of the system. It worked out to be an amazing improvement for the company, and out Solution Provider is going from strength to strength in providing this type of service.  

Yet again, the deployment of P2B, a customized solution report and really begins to show P2B at its most most powerful. 
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