DMS Plus  

DMS Plus - Product Information

DMS Plus is where the system starts to get really interesting. DMS Plus adds a number of key elements of the system, so instead of having only document management and actions and controls, you also get a content management system (CMS), a directory allowing you to see all of the involved personnel. This system gives you the additional facilities to create more engaging content and ways of displaying information and data about your system.

The CMS Editor
A Typical CMS Editor page - allowing for dynamic data updates

The CMS is full featured and allows you to include graphics and provide internal links to various pools of data within the system, so it can work extremely well in providing useful processes and systems for sharing information.

There are two case studies on the use of the DMS Plus system which are worth reviewing:

The case studies help to explain the DMS Plus system which lets users:
  • Access information at varying levels (using permissions to limit or permit access to view, edit and create items)
  • Post information on dash boards - for users to be alerted to changes in company requirements, upcoming events and general news on the business, and
  • Track and manage actions arising from their business activities and processes.

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