DMS Ultimate  

DMS Ultimate - Product Information

DMS Ultimate is the peak product in the P2B Portal DMS range. 
It contains everything in DMS lite and DMS Plus, and extends the functionality of the system by providing a workflow management system with contextual links from the process mapping tool and as the ability to customize data storage and entry using the forms module. This document management system allows for a great deal of flexibility and a great deal of applications across a range of different uses.  

Process Mapping in DMS Ultimate
Process mapping example.

So what can you do inside the system?
It's pretty much limitless. There is so much you can achieve by having that full range of functionality. 
The video below is a useful demonstration of how DMS Ultimate could be used inside your business and the case studies that follow are a very telling example of why DMS Ultimate can become your cost effective business changer. 

There are also case studies available - see:
have used the system.

Reap The Rewards