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Our document management video shows many of the applications you would find in our system, making it the best       solution in document and information management.

Why use our document management system?                  

Our specialized cloud based document and information management system has been created with your business in         mind, making sure you never:
  • Waste time looking for a file or bit of information
  • Miss an important task, or
  • Fail to communicate a consistent message to your stakeholders

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Each of our products have been specifically designed to your individual needs. 




This is the entry level document management system. It provides the ability to store and contextually link documents and allows for up to 5 logins to the "business unit".

This type of product will suit a smaller business, providing available logins for the (typical) staff of business owner, one key member of staff, an accountant, business adviser and a valued client.
There is a limit of 200 MB to your data storage in this system - but this isn't affected by having links to external data sources made available as part of the DMS entries.
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This is important - all of P2B's products can be easily upgraded!  If you start with a lower featured package and want to upgrade - all of your data and settings will be maintained - creating a seamless upgrade process once you decide to that you can get more out of the system.

You may also want to read the case studies on real life deployments of P2B's DMS Lite.  Examples include:

  •  A retailer - using Document Management System and Action Tracking to guide their work flows and provide quick and controlled access to Human Resource, Pricing, Accounts Data (spread sheets) and Training information for their personnel.  They also paid (a very small amount) to upgrade their dashboards to give a more customised and branded look and feel to their customer login.
  • An accounting firm has also successfully been using DMS Lite - storing information on and for their customers.  They have set up a premium service for three of their top customers - so that they can overcome the issues of version control on emailed items - and allow for these customers to easily upload and access the latest versions of their accounts and supporting information.

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This version provides additional functionality, the most significant of which is the ability to create cloud based information on CMS (content management system) pages. These pages are only available to validly logged in users, ensuring the security of your information. This version also offers 15 logins and an increased 500 MB of files to be saved using this system - making it more suitable for larger businesses.
More information on DMS Plus is available here... and for examples of how the system has been used - you can investigate the case studies which cover:
  • Human Resources company - using the system for personnel in a number of disparate offices
  • Medical Practice - using the system to achieve secure (and easily recovered) patient data and providing a login portal for their high value patients.


DMS Ultimate


This is P2B's top end product - giving users access to a full suite of applications to support information management in a business.  There are an unlimited number of users available for this system and up to 2GB of data storage (before additional charges are applied).  Examples of the increased functionality you can achieve include:
  • Work flow - where a sequence of repeated tasks can be used to generate a set of reminders that are tracked against a project file for each workflow raised
  • Rich information graphics - using the process mapping application - which allows an image to have "hot spots" defined on it and then have these link to documents, CMS pages or simply provide contextual information.
  • Generate additional logical links for your documents by including a register of items.  For example - you can create a logical suite of locations or business activities - and then tie source information and actions back to them.  This can be easily extended to provide dynamic on screen views of the status of key activities within the business.

The case studies for DMS Ultimate make a great read - so why not look at:

  • How a legal firm has deployed DMS Ultimate to provide a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and workflow tool for their operations.
  • The story of an Import / Export business which were able to use DMS Ultimate to guide their business to greater heights - achieving consistent information (at Internet rather than dodgy hacked up server speeds) transfer, global tracking of key activities and improved Customer Relationship Management (CRM) through deployment of work flows and action tracking.

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 Custom Solutions


Even with P2B, there are limits to what you can achieve using standard products. If you find that your business would like to do even more with P2B - it is probably time to contact a Solution Provider.  Please direct your inquiry to us, and we'll identify an appropriate provider to follow up further with you.

In the mean time - you might be interested in reviewing these examples of custom solutions:

  • Risk analysis solution - where the solutions provider (a risk engineering company) worked with their client to develop a review of all the main hazards that their business would face.  Rather than this just forming a series of reports - P2B was used to make sure that all of the controls for the identified risks were "kept alive" through the provision of supporting "how to" information on the controls and maintaining actions on the controls.
  • Dynamic management plans  - in a similar fashion to the risk analysis - this client of our solution provider had a series of management plans they developed - and were concerned that they weren't real in their business.  To quote "These things were written by Hans Christian Anderson"!!  Now their plans are all available as CMS pages and are "driven" and continuously audited using a P2B solution!
  • Another solution provider system - in this case a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution for a legal firm - where a series of forms were enhanced by the provider - exactly meeting their client's specifications.  This then led to a really powerful system for them - each time a customer phones in they can quickly see what the last point of contact was, last job conducted and status of their documents / matters.
  • One really interesting development is the formation of a Maintenance Management System / Plant Dossier that a particular solution provider put together for their OEM (original equipment manufacturer) client.  For this client they worked on preparing a suite of information which provided information on all components (in the DMS) and used the Asset Register to track components with statutory requirements across all of the delivered units.  This meant, in effect, that P2B provided the OEM's end users with a fully functioning maintenance management system - as well as an electronic plant dossier - a really powerful combination!

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