DMS testimonials   


"As a business owner with internationally and nationally dispersed clients and employees, our organisation was finding it difficult in capturing and sharing knowledge, maintaining a positive organisational culture and providing a professional and consistent service to our clients. 

We were suffering and needed a simple, yet effective intranet and client management service. We were also finding it difficult to track key documentation or our client's projects, especially when multiple employees were working on separate projects. What was needed was a way where we could not only store and track all information, but provide secure access for our clients. It was important to us that the solution we chose would solve both our internal issues and increase revenue for service to our clients. We needed a solution that would take out business to the next level and make us stand out from our competitors.

Becoming a Solution Provider Partner has provided us with that opportunity. We use the P2B product suite as our own online intranet and we also use it to meet our clients' needs. Currently, we are using the system for on and offline training, risk management, report delivery, project management, action tracking and report presentation. Our clients have been really responsive to the P2B product and have requested to use it within their own organisation. 

By being a Solution Provider Partner, we have been able to on-sell and by following the P2B model, we receive a very attractive monthly stream of income that we didn't have to do anything to achieve. it really is "earning money whilst you sleep".

The main strength we find behind the P2B software suit, is its business intelligence. The system is set up to make it easy for the user. We also appreciate how responsive the staff at P2B are within continually improving the system. The other benefit we enjoy is that we don't have to get caught up with the technical stuff, it's all taken care of by P2B, which means we can get on with what we are good at. 

We reckon the guys got the tag line right - when you use P2B, you really do reap the rewards."

Peter Reardon, Director, SP Solutions.
Reap The Rewards